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Psychotropic Drugs

How do Psychotropic Meds Work? List of Psychotropic Drugs Psychotropic Drug Stats Americans are Often Wrongfully Medicated Mental Health Policy and Psychotropic Drugs Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs Hooking Our World on Drugs Analysis Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Violence What...
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Big Pharma and Ins Companies

How Drug Marketing Influences Prescriptions Do Drug Company Payments Influence Doctors How Big Pharma Changes Doctor’s Minds Part I: Why Drugs are so Expensive Part II: Big Pharma vs. Insurance Companies
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Auditory Processing

Signs of Auditory Processing Disorders in Children
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Neurofeedback Training

What is Neurofeedback and How Does it Work? The Benefits of Neurofeedback Explained What is Neuroplasticity? How Does Neuroplasticity Work? Neuroplasticity Introduction Video International Society for Neurofeedback Research/Case Studies Neurofeedback as Effective as Ritalin in Treating ADHD Neurofeedback Proven 80% Effective in Reduction of Anxiety...
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Primitive Reflexes

Primitive Reflexes and Specific Areas of Learning FIDGETING & ATTENTION: When a Child Retains the STNR, Specific Learning Areas Break Down Spinal Galant Reflex (Commonly Mistaken for ADHD) What is a Retained Spinal Galant and Why Does it Make my Child Wiggle and Squirm in the Classroom?...
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Brain Mapping/QEEG

What a Psychiatrist Learned from 87,000 Brain Maps FDA Approved QEEG/Brain Map to Assist in Diagnosis of ADHD in 2013 People with ADHD Have Specific Brainwave Patterns
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Psychiatry Industry
Standard of
Care Practices Home Page for Patients and Families DSM-IV or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Version IV (Standard of Care Practices for Psychiatry Industry) Overview DSM-IV Table of Contents PDF File to Download (you can Google the DSM-IV criteria for a specific disorder) DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for ADHD...
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