Hi! I’m Dawn, aka “Mommy”, and am the CEO of Adam & Alex, Inc. I am also the “Mental Health Mom” and am on a mission to advocate for children’s mental health. To bring awareness to children who are being misdiagnosed and wrongfully medicated with powerful medications. To help identify non-evasive testing and treatment options and bring them to the forefront. To follow my fervent desire to see the mental health laws in this country change.

Prior to this ever-evolving position, my background is primarily in sales/sales management and training/training management. I achieved my MBA while working full-time. Once a self-proclaimed “Power Chic” who was often accused of working too much, I am happier than ever now driving my minivan around and helping my kids succeed to the best of their ability in every aspect of their life.

Please know I do not claim to have any formal training on how to raise children with Mental Health Disorders or how to advocate for them.

What I do have is a willingness to share my journey in an effort to help others. I live my life every day trying to embrace my normal, to own it, to accept  my normal is not the same as your normal, and to find peace and comfort in that fact. Some days are harder than others and sharing those experiences is what this site is really all about.

I have been happily married to my husband Tim for 16 years. He is the single most amazing daddy on the planet and I am blessed to be holding his hand as we ride this roller coaster called life.